Ujvári - Szent György-hegy, Balaton


Terroir: 0,65 Ha Szent György-Hegy, Balaton

Varieties: Welshrisling, Pinot Gris

The unique location and complex soil structure of our hill ’Szent György-hegy’ has already been discovered in the Roman ages.

The soil is partly fine- and compacted sand, limestone, loess and there is a large amount of basalt stone. The weathering of the basaltic debris releases potassium, magnesium, and calcium. The basalt affects the vinegrowing and also adds a unique character to the wine.

Our family started to cultivate vine in the middle of 19th century on the west side of the Szent György-hegy. The current parcels were planted in 1955; vine rows of more than 60-year old plants make the vineyard. Conscious and gentle pruning and cautious green work. Our aim is to maintain the good condition for the plantation for a long time.


Szent György-hegyi Szürkebarát, "Csendár"

DRY WHITE WINE „Clean and attractive fragrance: green apple, white flowers, in the back citruses, lime, green spices, hint of saltyness. It is driven by fine acidity, has a good balance and also well intense. Delivers what the nose promises: green apple, pear, green spices, a little citrus and a slight saltyness. Luscious, easy to drink and shows something from the growing area, too.” Furmintfan

3000 Ft

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